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#Tutorial : How to put pixel icon in post
Wednesday, 9 December 2015 @ 05:54

Hey guys!!
I'm going to show you guys the way I usually put pixel icon in my post
Just like this dancing rabbit⌄⌄⌄⌄⌄⌄⌄

1.Get the icon's URL
2.Change your post writing style in to HTML

3.Put the code [[<img src="icon Url">]] where you want the pixel at.

Purple underline=Where I want to put my pixel after the word
Blue underline=Pixel image code
4.After you put the code, change the post writing style to normal and check on it
5.If the icon appear at where you want it, you are free to post.

Dreamer Advice - <br/> is a line break code in HTML, if you want to put icon after <br/>,
                            it will appear at the next line of your word, if you want to put the icon 
                            after your word, put the code before <br/>

Mission Complete!!