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#Diary : Throwback 18,March,2015
Wednesday, 18 March 2015 @ 11:21

Hang out with the three musketeer yesterday
Is been a long time we didn't ridicule each other
Since that incident happened till now
Luckily we all enjoyed.

Remembered we always scream&shout as loud as we can in kbox
Yesterday return to the scene in REDbox
Unfortunately we didn't take picture

Enjoyed our dinner at BEN'S
Good environment,fair price

My meal,Mushroom lagsane

After finished our dinner
Accidentally saw a good background for photoshoot 
But then epic fail

Our sweet treat in CaffeBene
Single green tea bingsu&strawberry bingsu

I'm not judging them but why all bingsu they mix with red bean
Even cookie and cream bingsu also mix with it
It taste bored as SWEET+SWEET=VERY SWEET

Done for the post
Looking for next chance to get together again
Will challenge break the code next time
Good night&Good morning people.

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