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#Tutorial : How to put cbox
Thursday, 24 December 2015 @ 00:41

I'm going to show you guys how yo put cbox in your blog
Cbox is a chatbox that allow blogger chat with each other

This is my cbox

1.Go to Cbox, create an account
2.After you create your account, at the top of the page, click Look&Feel, click Theme editor, you can edit your cbox there

3.Then you will see something like this

-You will see a preview of your Cbox on top left side
-Top right side is post frame, you can change your post frame colour there
-Form frame is where people comment, you can change colour there
-Name colour will unlocked when you upgrade to premium package
-You can change colour of your link in general colours
-You can event change font that will appear on your Cbox, personally recommend font that you usually use while you are writing your blog post

4.Done editing, click Publish that appear on the top right side

5.Scroll down the page, you will found your Cbox code, copy all the code

6. Open your template, paste the code where you want you Cbox to be

Mission Complete!!